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A company operating in the logistics industry with over 27,000 employees. The client offers services typical of contract logistics, namely warehousing, co-packing, transport and supply chain optimization.


Experienced operators sought

The client with more than 27,000 employees and one of the most dynamically developing companies in the Polish logistics sector decided to launch a new warehouse platform in another location. As the project involved the necessity of delivering employees on schedule, the client decided to use the assistance of EWL.

Cooperation with EWL enabled the client to solve the problem of the lack of experienced forklift truck operators. The client was looking to recruit employees not only with the necessary qualifications, but also with experience in picking and warehouse work.


Experience in the logistics industry is the key to success

One of the most important factors influencing the effectiveness of the recruitment process was the work of EWL Logistic, a dedicated business line, as well as the presence of the Project Manager cooperating with the client and familiar with the specifics of the company. Not only did it accelerate the recruitment process, but also facilitated the start of operations at the new location.

Thanks to these ideas we had a chance to prepare an action plan, which provided not only for an appropriate induction system for employees, but also a bonus system related to the operators’ performance. Another key element was the appointment of experienced foremen to support the customer at the initial stage of work at the new location.


Accommodation and transport of employees on the agency's side

By cooperating with our company, the client was able to start operations at the new location on time, where experienced forklift operators and foremen assigned to individual areas started their work. Thanks to EWL’s comprehensive services, the client did not have to worry about the accommodation and transport of employees.

We recruited 30 forklift operators in just three weeks. This allowed the client not only to reduce employment costs, but also, thanks to the experience of the candidates, to avoid turnover related to the unfamiliarity with warehouse work processes.


Worth knowing

As a result of working with the EWL employment agency, not only did the client overcome staff shortages, but also gained foremen who efficiently manage employees. EWL’s efficiency enabled the client to focus on developing their business by leaving the issue of accommodation and transport to EWL.

In order to achieve our objective, we applied a cooperation model whose essential elements were:

  • EWL’s experience in working with companies in the logistics industry,
  • Appointment of foremen, who provided the client with full operational flexibility,
  • Experience of the Project Manager, who knows the specifics of the industry and the client’s company.

The measures we have implemented for this company will also work well for other companies in the logistics industry that employ forklift drivers in large numbers. Working with EWL can be valuable for organisations that want to simplify the process as much as possible.

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