Legal compliance of employment of foreigners


Employment legal compliance services

EWL’s offer for companies is support at every stage of legal compliance of employment:

  • Audit and indication of possible forms of employment
  • Legal compliance consultations with the client and employee
  • Assistance in obtaining the required permits and declarations
  • Monitoring of the deadlines of expiring permits and indications regarding the continuation of employment

In addition to supporting the legislative process, we also conduct training in the field of legal compliance of employment of foreigners.

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Legal compliance of employment documents

The process of legal compliance employment requires the employer to complete a number of formalities, complete documents and submit them to the appropriate offices. Polish law obliges foreigners to obtain appropriate rights to stay in the territory of Poland and a work permit in order to undertake legal employment.

Legal compliance the stay and work of foreigners is a complex and time-consuming process, which is why we support entrepreneurs in this process, offering the experience of our experts who have been helping in the legal employment of foreigners in Poland for several years. Handing over the legal compliance process to the EWL team will allow your company to focus on the key areas for its development. This is a chance for you to keep the best and most trusted employees.

The EWL service also gives you the opportunity to open up to the foreign market as a rich source of motivated employees with a low turnover rate – including specialists. Thousands of completed projects (also for the largest and well-known brands) and a team of over 30 experts are a guarantee of comprehensive service for the legal compliance of stay process and employment of employees for your company.

Legal compliance of foreign employees with EWL

Documents and statements

Legalizacja zatrudnienia - oświadczenia dla cudzoziemcówWe offer support in the employment of temporary workers based on a declaration of entrusting work.

Work permits

Zezwolenia na pracę cudzoziemców w Polsce - agencja EWLWe help to obtain a type A work permit, under which a foreigner may apply for a visa or extend legal work in Poland.

Residence cards

Karta pobytu czasowego i stałego - praca w Polsce z EWLWe support companies in the preparation and submission of applications for permanent or temporary residence cards for foreign employees.

Contacts with local offices

Obsługa współpracy z urzędami - legalizacja zatrudnienia z EWLAs part of the comprehensive service for companies, we deal with contact with provincial offices, starosts and other administrative institutions.

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Professional team

The EWL agency has been providing job placement services since 2007, providing the employment of valuable and motivated temporary workers in the manufacturing, logistics and service sectors.

Our team of consultants are specialists in recruiting both candidates from Poland and employees from Ukraine, and an extensive network of business partners in Asia makes it possible to recruit candidates also from countries such as India, Nepal and Thailand.

Work permit for foreigners

Thanks to the automated registration of declarations, we efficiently and quickly handle all the formalities required to take up work by employees from abroad. We carry out the process of legal compliance of employment for citizens of: Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Russia, Moldova, Bangladesh, Nepal, India, the Philippines and many other countries.

Being perfectly aware of the regulations, we always represent the interests of the Employer – we adjust the type of documentation obtained for your employees so that they can work for as long as possible.

A coordinator, who will look after your company from the very beginning until the end of the legal compliant supervises the constant and efficient communication with your company.

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