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The unemployment rate in Poland has remained relatively low for several years. The number of people ready to take up work in developing and newly established workplaces often does not cover the demand of entrepreneurs. This makes companies eager to employ foreigners.

The employment of a foreigner from outside the EU is connected with a number of obligations on the part of the employer. Depending on whether you are planning to employ a citizen of a country covered by the so-called simplified procedure (Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, Russia, Belarus) or whether you are reaching for workers from Asia or Africa, the steps that you have to take will be different.

Employment of foreigners – offer for companies

Due to language and cultural proximity, the foreigners who are hired the most often are those from Ukraine, but more and more often citizens from Asia are entering our labour market.

EWL S.A. provides comprehensive services to companies planning to employ foreign workers in the field of:

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Employment agency for foreigners – why you should trust EWL

The process of employing a foreigner is relatively long and complex. Especially when you decide to do it yourself. An easier and faster way is to contact a specialized employment agency, which will not only take care of the legality of employment, but also select employees best suited to the needs of the company.

How to employ a foreigner? – step by step

1. Recruitment of employees

The process of recruiting foreign employees should start with well-planned recruitment. Local advertising portals, flyers, billboards or word-of-mouth marketing are just some of the ways of reaching the candidates.

2. Official matters

When we have found a suitable candidate, it is time to apply for the invitation for a foreigner. In the case of employees covered by the so-called ‘simplified procedure’ the first document we need to apply for is a declaration on entrusting work to a foreigner (a declaration of intent to employ, declaration of employment of a foreigner).

3. Signing the employment contract

When deciding to employ foreigners, it is worth considering the form of employment in advance. As a rule you can sign a contract of commission with the foreigner or a contract of employment. If foreigners perform the same work as our regular employees, we have to provide them with the same work and pay conditions.

Cooperating with EWL S.A. we can also employ foreigners on the basis of a temporary employment contract. This solution works well in industries characterized by high seasonality of production or in situations of high staff turnover.

Employment of foreigners in Poland is regulated by a number of legal documents–acts and ordinances which you need to be familiar with in order to develop your personnel in a business-safe manner. The basic documents regulating the principles of residence and work of foreigners in Poland are:

  • The Act on Foreigners, which defines the rules of entry and stay of third-country nationals in Poland
  • Act on promotion of employment and on labour market institutions, commonly known as the Act on the employment of foreigners

It is worth remembering that changes in the employment of foreigners are quite frequent. By choosing to cooperate with the EWL agency you have a guarantee of full legality of residence and work of the employed workers. We are constantly following the amendments of acts and we react in advance to changes in legislation. We are a responsible partner worth developing your business with!

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