Case study

Lack of staff on the local labour market? The seasonality of production does not allow for optimal employment planning? A sudden increase in demand requires fast recruitment of employees? Check our case studies and find out how we help our partners in maintaining the continuity of production and business development.

Solutions for business

Employee leasing, outsourcing of services, employment of foreigners or mass recruitment? There is no single proven way to secure processes while optimizing the budget. That is why at EWL we approach each client individually and select the best solutions for business escalation – such that allow for flexible management of employment structure, secure legal risk and optimize the costs.


On a regular basis, we provide temporary workers to work at stores and distribution centers. We ensure free-of-charge help in obtaining stay permits to decrease the turnover frequency.


For the Customer, due to high production demands, we recruited 800 production workers who came to our country using visas.


The Customer had to deal with higher need of workers in the holiday season. That is why our company recruited over 100 employees from the local market to work at the sorting hub.

FM Logistics

Cooperation with EWL allowed solving the problem connected with lack of experienced forklift operators.


We took the challenge concerning a comprehensive service which involved recruitment, legalization and accommodation for 130 assembly workers at production department.


We implemented solutions concerning recruitment of temporary workers to work at the restaurant at regular positions in the kitchen and issues connected with their legalization.

Optimizing labour costs and employment structure

We recruited 50 temporary workers for seasonal production for a company in the FMCG sector. Check how we managed to complete this project in just one month.

Manual workers for manufacturing plants

We sourced a total of more than 120 employees for several of the ceramic manufacturer’s plants and each order was completed in less than 2 months. Find out how this is possible.

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