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EWL Group - the leader in the employment of foreigners

EWL Group has been connecting jobseekers with employers for over 17 years. Our agency specializes in the recruitment and selection of employees from Eastern Europe and Asia, using excellent knowledge of the local labor market. Every day, thanks to EWL, over 10,000 people work in production plants, logistics centers and warehouses. The EWL Group provides HR solutions tailored to each business and provides professional administrative support for ongoing recruitment and legalization projects.


Hiring workers from Ukraine and Asia

Many years of experience in conducting recruitment activities on the Ukrainian market allows the company to effectively recruit employees from the eastern border. In 2012, the EWL Group opened its own branch in Kiev as one of the first Polish employment agencies. Currently, more than 35 branches operate within EWL Ukraine.

Thanks to professional knowledge, experience and extensive know-how in the field of employment and legalization of work of foreigners, and above all thanks to the trust of clients, in 2015 the EWL employment agency started recruiting employees from Asia. The dynamically developing network of EWL representatives constantly expands the database of candidates and adjusts their professional profiles to the expectations of employers.

Recruitment on the Polish market

The EWL Group is dynamically developing both abroad and in Poland. It has 11 recruitment offices in the largest cities in the country, and the database of potential EWL employees has already exceeded 50,000 candidates. EWL consultants conduct recruitment campaigns every day, focusing on local markets, effectively reaching and quickly acquiring candidates with various competences and experience, and professionally matching the employee’s qualifications to the requirements of employers.

Regardless of whether you are looking for employees for a month or a year, from Poland or abroad, we recommend the services of a professional employment agency EWL.

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The benefits of cooperation

  • Experience – since 2007 we have been providing comprehensive job placement services, specializing in recruitment and employment of foreigners
  • Efficiency – every day over 10,000 people work through us, we react quickly and effectively to changing market trends, thanks to which we guarantee a stable service in periods of the greatest demand
  • Comprehensiveness – we guarantee full management of employment, starting from a professional analysis of the client’s needs, through the recruitment and selection process, to legalization of residence and work and organization of transport and accommodation
  • Flexibility – we adjust our service flexibly to the client’s current needs
  • Quality and specialization – as part of specialized business lines, we support clients
    from various industries, ensuring the highest quality of services provided
  • Expert support – we are at our clients’ disposal, we share our knowledge and answer all questions
  • Access to an extensive database of candidates – we have more than 50,000 employees in our database, so we can recruit even several hundred teams in a short time
  • A responsible partner – we have a perfect knowledge of the labour law and the process of legalization of employment of foreigners – we are a reliable partner and we guarantee the legality of all actions taken

By choosing EWL you will choose a proven and reliable partner for whom the development of your business is a priority.


The EWL Foundation

Founded in 2015, the Foundation for Support of Migrants on the Labour Market “EWL” aims to initiate and support activities related to the presence of foreigners on the Polish labor market. Our idea is to increase awareness of rights and obligations and the benefits of legal employment among foreigners, as well as to reduce the number of abuses by dishonest employers.

One of the main objectives of the Foundation is to improve multilateral cooperation between employers, government institutions, non–governmental organizations and migrants themselves. The Foundation also does charity work addressed mainly to foreigners who are in a difficult life or financial situation. Moreover, we work for European integration, active dialogue and the development of contacts and cooperation between societies. The Foundation’s activities are directed, among others, to entities involved in migration processes and participants of the global labour market.

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