Outsourcing of processes and functions


What is outsourcing?

Process outsourcing has nowadays been one of the fastest-growing business support models. On its basis, a company delegates some of their processes, tasks or projects to be realized by a specialist third-party entity.

The entrustment of a portion of business to an experienced and well-proven business partner helps in securing the processes without the involvement of the HR department since the recruitment, employment, planning and monitoring of workers is handled by the outsourcer. It provides a chance to gain a competitive advantage thanks to a constant pursuit of the outsourcing company to increase the effectiveness and quality of managed processes. It also allows limiting the risk connected with operating in an uncertain economic environment – the responsibility for establishing teams, their results and the flexibility of the employment structure is assumed by the provider of outsourcing services.

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What are the advantages of outsourcing

Advantages for your company

  • Cost reduction
  • Possibility to focus on core business
  • Saves time and releases company’s resources
  • Risk mitigation
  • Possibility of precise cost planning
  • Access to professional, modern solutions and the best practices
  • Constant increase in effectiveness and quality of processes
advantages of outsourcing in production and logistics

Outsourcing in production and logistics

The choice of a proper business partner to handle a particular process is crucial. The outsourcer must own the necessary expert capability – specialists in the scope of production line or logistics process management. They also must have the experience in employee acquisition and retaining.

At EWL Group, we know that only the best specialists contribute to cost optimization and the increase in quality of the services we offer.

The production and logistics outsourcing offered by the EWL Group does not only involve management, planning, scheduling and training. It also stands for responsibility for the effect, its quality and timeliness.

Thanks to outsourcing of production and logistics services:

  • You do not need to worry about employees
  • You reduce costs connected with losses on packaging, production wastes, etc.
  • You increase the quality of your services
  • You increase the process effectiveness
  • You gain knowledge in best practices on the market
  • You pay for actual effects that meet the standards
  • You precisely plan the costs
recruitment process outsourcing

Outsourcing of professional recruitment

The outsourcing of professional recruitment most often refers to the HR and payroll department, the accounting department, tasks concerning customer handling, maintenance of the IT infrastructure or recruitment processes.

As part of business process support, EWL Group offers their partners the experience and expert know-how within the scope of:

  • RPO (recruitment process outsourcing)
  • Dedicated recruitment
  • Payroll
  • On-Site Hiring
what are the advantages of outsourcing in field marketing

Outsourcing in field marketing

In the sector of field marketing, companies most often, as part of outsourcing services, delegate their tasks connected with handling and development of sales processes, merchandising, business audit and analyses to third-parties. Since a particular process has been entrusted to a specialist provider of outsourcing services, the company is able to focus on key processes, from the point of view of development, and at the same time ensure the needed flexibility and a constant growth of effectiveness.

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Who are we recruiting?

  • Machine operatorPracownicy produkcyjni z agencji pracy EWL
  • Assembly worker
  • Packer
  • Quality controller
  • Production warehouseman
  • production line worker

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  • warehousemanRekrutuj personel na magazyn z agencją pracy EWL
  • forklift operator
  • logistics coordinator
  • unloading and loading employee
  • warehousing specialist
  • logistics assistant

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  • assembler of automotive componentsPracownicy branży automotive od EWL Group
  • automotive production line worker
  • production machine operator
  • quality controller in the automotive industry

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  • food production workerKandydaci do pracy w branży spożywczej - agencja pracy EWL
  • food packager
  • food quality controller
  • warehouseman in the food industry
  • food processing machine operator
  • food production line worker

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  • farm workerRekrutacja pracowników do rolnictwa i branży agro
  • gardener
  • seasonal agricultural worker
  • animal husbandry worker
  • orchard worker
  • wholesale worker – fresh produce

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  • waiter
  • cook
  • barista
  • receptionist
  • kitchen assistant
  • waitress

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  • electrician
  • plumber
  • installation fitter
  • technical equipment operator
  • service technician
  • production machine operator

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EWL has been rendering job placement services since 2007, providing employment of valuable and motivated temporary workers in the manufacturing, logistics and service sectors.

Our team of consultants are specialists in the recruitment of both Polish and Ukrainian employees, and an extensive network of business partners in Asia gives the opportunity to attract candidates from countries such as India, Nepal or Thailand.

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