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The seasonality of production requires a temporary increase in staff?

A rapidly growing demand for services generates the need for an immediate increase in the number of employees?

Do you want to make the employment structure more flexible?

Or maybe you want to relieve the HR department?

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Staffing needs

Employee leasing is, above all, an opportunity to react dynamically to changing staffing needs. In industries characterized by seasonality of work such a solution allows for a quick acquisition of temporary employees in the period of increased production and a smooth reduction of employment in the period of decline, thus eliminating the costs and employment risk and the dismissal of full-time employees.

Temporary work also gives the possibility of flexible employment in case of a sudden and unplanned increase in production, with a simultaneous reduction of costs incurred for recruitment and selection of employees, HR, payroll and administrative services.

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  • The ability to flexibly adjust employment to changing needs
  • The elimination of a significant part of the financial expenditure on recruitment and selection of employees
  • The reduction in costs of HR, payroll and administrative services
  • A significant reduction of overtime, sickness insurance or PFRON (the State Fund for Rehabilitation of the Disabled) contribution costs
  • A simple process of planning employment and billing costs based on an hourly rate
  • Securing legal risks related to employment and legalization of work
  • The qualification of costs of employment of temporary workers as external services and not as human resources
  • The possibility to hire employees on short and long-term contracts
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13 years on the market

EWL has been rendering job placement services for 13 years, providing employment of valuable and motivated temporary workers in the manufacturing, logistics and service sectors. Thanks to access to a wide database of candidates and a network of recruitment specialists, both in Poland and abroad, we can provide even several hundred employees when an immediate response is required. Our team of consultants are specialists in the recruitment of both Polish and Ukrainian employees, and an extensive network of business partners in Asia gives the opportunity to attract candidates from countries such as India, Nepal or Thailand.

Thanks to the cooperation with EWL you will gain support in the implementation of the production process, also in the period of unexpected growth. We will take care of the recruitment and selection of temporary workers, adjusting the candidate’s profile to your needs and specificity of work. We will provide human resources, payroll and administrative services, including the legalization of employment of workers from Ukraine, Nepal, Thailand or India. We will organize accommodation for foreigners, taking care of the standards and transport to the workplace.

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Why choose us?

  • We have a network of branches all over Poland and an extensive database of candidates for employment (over 50,000 employees)
  • We ensure the availability of candidates from the local market as well as from abroad, thanks to which we can employ even several hundred employees in a short time
  • We offer full digitalization of the process, starting from the order from the Client, through recruitment, legalization, to employment, scheduling and billing
  • We guarantee safe and legally compliant employment of foreigners
  • We consistently maintain a high level of order fulfillment with a low staff turnover rate
  • We have a unique solution for the organization of arrivals of foreigners – the so-called Arrival Departments
  • We take full responsibility for the employment process before the control institutions (National Labour Inspectorate PIP, Social Insurance Institution ZUS, Tax Office, Border Guard)
  • We provide comprehensive employment services within specialized business lines, responding to the needs of clients from various industries

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