Employee leasing – hiring employees for companies


Key benefits

  • Reduced recruitment and payroll service costs
  • Increased availability and matching of candidates with jobs
  • Flexible adjustment of employment to changing needs
  • Clear principles of cooperation and full control of employment costs
  • Maintaining the continuity of key business processes
  • And more…

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What is employee leasing?

Employee leasing is, above all, the opportunity to react dynamically to changing staffing needs. In industries characterized by seasonality of work, hiring staff allows for a quick acquisition of temporary workers in the period of increased production and a smooth reduction of employment in the period of decline, thereby reducing the costs and risk of employment and dismissal of full-time employees.

Hiring employees to work also gives the possibility of flexible employment in the case of a sudden and unplanned increase in production, while reducing costs incurred on the recruitment and selection of employees and their HR, payroll and administrative services.

Who are we recruiting?

  • Machine operatorPracownicy produkcyjni z agencji pracy EWL
  • Assembly worker
  • Packer
  • Quality controller
  • Production warehouseman
  • production line worker

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  • warehousemanRekrutuj personel na magazyn z agencją pracy EWL
  • forklift operator
  • logistics coordinator
  • unloading and loading employee
  • warehousing specialist
  • logistics assistant

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  • assembler of automotive componentsPracownicy branży automotive od EWL Group
  • automotive production line worker
  • production machine operator
  • quality controller in the automotive industry

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  • food production workerKandydaci do pracy w branży spożywczej - agencja pracy EWL
  • food packager
  • food quality controller
  • warehouseman in the food industry
  • food processing machine operator
  • food production line worker

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  • farm workerRekrutacja pracowników do rolnictwa i branży agro
  • gardener
  • seasonal agricultural worker
  • animal husbandry worker
  • orchard worker
  • wholesale worker – fresh produce

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  • waiter
  • cook
  • barista
  • receptionist
  • kitchen assistant
  • waitress

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  • electrician
  • plumber
  • installation fitter
  • technical equipment operator
  • service technician
  • production machine operator

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Our clients:

Employee leasing is not only about savings

Although one of the main advantages of the employee leasing service is the elimination of a significant part of the financial expenditures on recruitment and selection of employees, cost reduction is not the only benefit for the company choosing this model of cooperation.

The employee leasing service largely simplifies the process of planning employment costs thanks to a clear model of settlement for hours worked. An additional advantage of employee leasing is securing the legal risk related to employment and legal compliance of foreigners in Poland.

Furthermore, an advantage from the company’s point of view is the ability to qualify the costs of hiring temporary workers as external services and not as personnel services, as well as a choice of employing workers on short-term or long-term contracts.

What makes EWL stand out?

A department dedicated to the legal compliance of employment of foreigners

legalizacja zatrudnienia cudzoziemców - leasing pracowników EWL

Knowledge of regulations in the area of employee leasing is a guarantee of safe employment of foreigners in line with the current regulations.

A high level of order fulfilment and low turnover

Niski wskaźnik rotacji - leasing pracowników z EWL

The ability to plan employment and personnel costs in advance allows for effective management of the profitability of projects and orders.

A network of branches throughout Poland and a broad candidate pool

Sieć rekruterów - wynajem pracowników z EWL

The availability of candidates from the local market as well as from abroad, enabling employment in a short period of even several hundred employees.

A comprehensive service with constant care of the project coordinator

Kompleksowe usługi leasingu (wynajmu) pracowników EWL

From recruitment and selection of candidates, through obtaining documents for legal work to HR and payroll services and the organization of transport and accommodation for employees.

Employees leasing – step by step


Analysis of customer needs and selection of the form of employee leasing


Signing a contract on employee leasing


Selection and recruitment of staff to work for the client


Monthly settlement in accordance with the employee leasing contract


Comprehensive management of the hiring project


Employing workers for hire in the EWL agency


EWL experience

EWL has been rendering job placement services since 2007, providing employment of valuable and motivated temporary workers in the manufacturing, logistics and service sectors.

Our team of consultants are specialists in the recruitment of both Polish and Ukrainian employees, and an extensive network of business partners in Asia gives the opportunity to attract candidates from countries such as India, Nepal or Thailand.

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