Food industry workers recruitment


Recruitment for food companies

Food industry has been struggling with many problems such as increasing costs of natural gas and power, seasonal character and high staff turnover. Do you want to keep the continuity and profitability of production? We have good news!

We dispose of a base of male and female candidates who will eagerly start working in food companies, including producers of foodstuffs and beverages. 

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Challenges of the food industry

Many companies in the said industry have issues with maintaining profitability and continuity of production. It results from higher prices of natural gas and oil as well as higher average monthly remuneration which greatly increase production costs and affect competitiveness and the price of the final product. Additional pressure is caused by lack of workers and high staff turnover among employees. The situation becomes even more complicated due to the seasonal character of harvest, increasing costs of import and the growing inflation. 

The current conditions force many business owners to look for savings and fast and effective solutions that will help them maintain continuity of the production. For the same reasons, business owners must be more careful when making decisions regarding employment of new personnel. That is why they are more inclined to cooperate with experienced partners such as EWL that provide good workers and, as a result, quickly fill in the staff gaps and maintain production profitability.  


Who are we recruiting?

Among the many positions in the food and beverage industry, we most often carry out recruitment projects for positions:

  • food production worker
  • food packager
  • food quality controller
  • warehouseman in the food industry
  • food processing machine operator
  • food production line worker

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