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Rapid economic development and the associated increase in demand for employees means that it is becoming increasingly difficult to acquire candidates for work. Many companies, production plants, logistic enterprises, international concerns and domestic entrepreneurs decide on a proven and effective solution – employee leasing in cooperation with a specialized temporary employment agency.

Employment of temporary employees

Recruitment of temporary workers, their employment and subsequent HR and payroll services are tasks that should be entrusted to a proven and experienced business partner. Our business structures allow us to quickly and effectively recruit even large volumes of temporary employees. As part of our employee leasing service, we provide among others:

  • A detailed analysis of employment needs and possibilities
  • Quick recruitment and selection of temporary employees
  • Legalization of employment and residence
  • Transport and accommodation of employees
  • Comprehensive project management
  • Constant assistance of the EWL coordinator

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Temporary work – an ideal solution for seasonal industries

Temporary work, or hiring employees from an employment agency, is a solution that allows to make the employment structure more flexible, optimize the budget and secure the continuity of production and logistics processes in the event of staff shortages.

Seasonal work in cooperation with a temporary employment agency is associated with many benefits, both for the employee and the employer. A seasonal worker usually works flexible hours, so they have the opportunity to combine paid work with studies or other duties. In addition, they gain experience which makes them more competitive on the labour market.

Seasonal workers employed through an employment agency mean a minimum of duties and commitment on the part of the user employer. The whole process of recruitment, employment and settlement of the hired employee is supervised by specialists from the EWL team.

Temporary work – regulations

Temporary employment is codified in the Act on the employment of temporary workers. This document regulates, among others, the maximum period for which a temporary worker may be employed, how annual leave is calculated, the employer’s obligations, and lists the jobs that seasonal workers may not perform.

A temporary employment contract is concluded between an employment agency and a temporary worker for a period not exceeding 18 months within 36 consecutive months. The contract must specify the user employer, as well as the place of work, the position or commissioned activity and the amount of remuneration. It should be remembered that the Act on the employment of temporary workers clearly indicates that a temporary worker cannot be treated worse in terms of working conditions and pay than a full-time employee occupying the same or a similar position.

Temporary work abroad – workers from Ukraine choose Poland most often!

Poland is an attractive labour market for workers from the East. Cultural and linguistic proximity, relatively high remuneration and easier procedure of legalization of work and residence than in other EU countries make our country a frequently chosen destination for labour migration.

Employers appreciate workers from the East for their commitment to work, high motivation, readiness to work overtime, mobility and flexibility. When the local market is short of candidates ready to take up work, workers from Ukraine and Asia are the best solution to maintain the continuity of production processes and further development of the company.

Employing foreigners for temporary work

When recruiting and employing foreigners, it is necessary to remember about a number of obligations on part of the employer. First of all, it is necessary to legalize the residence and work of a foreigner in Poland. In order to do so, appropriate applications must be filed with state institutions – the poviat labour offices or voivodship offices. Moreover, foreigners must be provided with accommodation and exceptional care during the first months of work.

A specialized temporary employment agency can help with all that. Warsaw is the city most often chosen by foreigners to work and live in. When deciding to hire temporary workers from Ukraine in the capital city, you need to remember to provide them with a lot of information. How to get to the workplace? Where to get a medical examination? Which bus is the best one to get to the city centre? How to make an appointment at the state office? You do not have to do it yourself! The EWL coordinator for temporary workers will do all this for you and more!

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Renata Ostrowska
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