EWL Migration Platform

From industry-related reports developed in cooperation with scientific and governmental institutions to technological solutions for recruitment that contribute to automation and digitalization of the employee acquisition processes; EWL Group means more than just a labor agency. It is a Migration Platform, the expert and leader on the recruitment market, where research meets modern solutions in the area of new technologies, making the Platform a reliable partner for companies of various industries in Poland and Europe.

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Research reports that will give you an insight into the market

Periodic research and reports carried out with well-recognized domestic institutions such as the Centre for East European Studies of the University of Warsaw, realized upon the order of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, provide reliable and valuable data about the trends on the labor market in Poland and the neighboring countries. We analyze and try to understand the migration processes and the related changes and important events in Poland and Europe. The acquired knowledge allows us to face the challenges of recruitment encountered on a daily basis by employers and candidates looking for work.

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A flexible approach

As part of the Migration Platform, we have created a comprehensive and flexible offer of recruitment solutions that, on a daily basis, supports our customers in maintaining the continuity of operations, securing profitability and addressing the most demanding HR needs.

For our partners, we propose the solutions of employee leasing which allows a flexible and dynamic adjustment of the employment to the changing conditions in the company and on the market, outsourcing of processes and functions which meets the requirements of companies that intend to delegate certain projects to external providers, as well as a wide range of support within the scope of legalization of employment that allows avoiding the risk of errors connected with formalities during recruitment of foreigners. Thanks to the long-term experience and knowledge in the European laws, we also support entrepreneurs in cross-border delegation of employees to EU countries.

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Information about the stage of recruitment is one of the most crucial type of data for people managing a company. The possibility of ongoing response to the HR needs of the company has become a similarly useful function. The Customer Panel is a part of the EWL Migration Platform which will allow the recruiters to handle the whole recruitment process on the Platform.

For our candidates, we have prepared an application that will provide them with access to information on wages, access to all the documents in one place, as well as access to information on the current vacancies. We use a dedicated AI technology that matches people with specific skills, experience and potential with employers’ needs. It helps us match the candidates to the needs of a particular company which, as a result, contributes to a lower turnover frequency and higher competitiveness of our customers.