Report: “A foreign employee – accommodation in Poland”

The first report in Poland on the housing situation of migrants employed in Poland was developed after analysing the results of the survey “A foreign employee – accommodation in Poland” conducted between 13 November and 21 December 2023 by the EWL Group, RentLito and the Centre for East European Studies at the University of Warsaw.

A total of 400 foreigners employed in Poland were surveyed who come from more than a dozen countries. The report will answer key questions, in particular: 

  • HOW do foreigners look for accommodation in Poland? 
  • WHAT percentage of immigrants received support from an employer or an employment agency in finding accommodation in Poland? 
  • WHAT type of accommodation do immigrants working in Poland live in? 
  • WHAT do foreigners look for in Poland first: accommodation or a job? 
  • HOW MANY people live in one room in the accommodation of an economic migrant?  
  • HOW far is the accommodation from the foreigners’ current jobs in Poland? 
  • HOW do migrants assess the standard of accommodation in Poland? 
  • WHAT factors have the greatest influence on the choice of accommodation among foreigners working in Poland? 
  • WHAT factors hinder the everyday life of immigrants in their current accommodation? 
  • HOW MUCH money do foreigners working in Poland spend on improving the standard of their accommodation in Poland? 
  • WHAT is the situation and what are the prospects for the market of employee accommodation in Poland? 

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