Published: 08.12.2023
Author:Anatoliy Zymnin
Anatoliy Zymnin
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Polish Radio: Migration boosts Poland’s thriving economy, studies reveal [AUDIO]

In the past 25 years, Poland has emerged as Europe’s growth champion, boasting some of the continent’s fastest GDP growth and ranking as the sixth-largest economy in the European Union.

Several studies have suggested that migration played a crucial role in this success story.

At the moment, workers from Ukraine are the most numerous group of foreigners temporarily working in Poland.

A study by the University of Warsaw’s Center for East European Studies and the EWL Foundation for Support of Migrants on the Labour Market found that Poland has been successful in providing employment opportunities for Ukrainian refugees.

However, Andrzej Korkus, CEO of the EWL Foundation, told Radio Poland’s Ada Janiszewska in an interview that Ukrainian refugees are increasingly choosing Germany over Poland.

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Source: Polskie Radio

Anatoliy Zymnin