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Recruiting a large number of EWL employees


A well-known international company operating on the Polish market that manufactures electric batteries for the largest European companies in the automotive industry. The client employs a total of over 10,000 employees in various locations in our country.


Quickly satisfying large staff shortages

The client approached us with the need for a large number of production workers and stressed that due to the high production needs they wanted to meet their staffing shortage in the shortest possible time.

As time was of the essence, the client decided to use our assistance in recruitment. The candidates did not need to have high skills or special competences, as they were needed to perform simple work in production.


An experienced agency is a stable partner

Our cooperation in the scope of supplying the number of employees indicated by the client was preceded by an in-depth analysis of the company’s needs, whose elements included: verification of project details, analysis of market opportunities. This allowed us to prepare an appropriate commercial offer and start cooperation with the client. It was also important to create a special EWL branch that was dealing only with the operational support for this client.

Apart from providing the client with candidates for work, it was also important to provide the client with high quality services and to avoid staff turnover. Therefore, all recruited employees came to Poland on visas. Moreover, EWL was constantly reporting on the progress of recruitment and legalization of employees, thanks to which the client gained peace of mind and could prepare onboarding training for the given number of employees.


Processing of orders and business development

Thanks to the cooperation with EWL, the client secured their human resources needs. By recruiting more than 800 employees, we have become one of the most important partners for the client in the area of personnel security.

Another valuable result is the continuous cooperation and business development on both sides. Given the scale of the cooperation, we decided to open a dedicated office for this client, where more than 10 consultants were employed and assigned to separate operational areas, which translated into an even more efficient customer service.


Worth knowing

As a result of working with the EWL employment agency, the client eliminated staff shortages in production, which allowed them to focus on developing the business and streamlining the employee development path. Moreover, thanks to building a business relationship based on trust and effectiveness, the client has gained a reliable partner in the area of human resources management.

In order to achieve the assumed objective, we applied a cooperation model whose essential elements were:

  • Recruitment of foreigners willing to work in the automotive industry,
  • Opening a dedicated office employing consultants focused only on issues related to servicing this client.

The actions we have implemented in the case of this company will work equally well in other companies, from any industry, which employ foreigners in large numbers. Working with EWL can be valuable for organizations that want to simplify this process as much as possible.

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