Renata Ostrowska - agencja EWL - wynajem pracowników Published: 07.11.2022
Author:Renata Ostrowska
Renata Ostrowska - agencja EWL - wynajem pracowników
Renata Ostrowska
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Polish Temporary Employment Agency – your expert on a demanding market

Advantages of employment agencies from Poland - EWL Group

For many years, the European market has struggled with staff shortage. It has been estimated that over one million job positions remain vacant in Germany due to lack of candidates. Similar issues affect the economies of the Czech Republic, Belgium, the Netherlands and Austria. The level of unemployment in countries of the European Union has been gradually decreasing.

On one hand, we are dealing with well-prepared and growing European economies that report an increased demand for workers; on the other hand, the ageing European society and the constantly dropping fertility rate result in shortage of personnel in many industries. Consequently, this hinders the development potential and competitiveness of the European economy on the global market.

Although countries like Spain or Italy report a relatively high percentage of unemployment, they have also been struggling with the insufficient number of workers for years, just like in Western Europe. It is of no surprise then that entrepreneurs from countries of the European Union wait for their governments to introduce liberal migration rules and, with high hopes, look at the example of Poland which can rapidly develop its economy thanks to economic migrants, mainly from Ukraine.

Employment agency from Poland – experts in employing workers from Ukraine

Thanks to liberal migration rules, almost one million foreigners manage to find employment in Poland. A considerable percentage of them comes from the Eastern block countries – Ukraine, Armenia, and Georgia. The experience and specialist know-how of Polish employment agencies help the foreigners, who came to Poland to work, quickly adapt to the new environment.

The agencies care for legal employment, the right of residence, as well as provide translation services, accommodation and support within the scope of development and language learning. Employers appreciate the foreigners for their proactive attitude towards their duties, the willingness to work, as well as high flexibility and mobility.

Polish employment agency – knowledge in the employee market and good practices

Searching, recruiting and employing workers from abroad is a complex process, especially for entities that, so far, have not had the opportunity to operate on the foreign market. The lack of knowledge about a particular brand and, consequently, the distrust towards the potential employer are one of the many barriers that companies which try to find workers among foreigners need to face.

What is more, it may turn out that traditional channels used for recruitment in one country will be of no or little use in another. The experts at EWL, the leading Polish temporary employment agency, do not only know how to reach out to potential candidates but also, thanks to many years of experience on the market and prominent reputation, will ensure their safety and legal character of their employment.

Thanks to many branches within the territory of the Ukraine and representative offices in Asian countries, we are able to quickly and effectively communicate with the candidates. Every week, we successfully recruit and employ nearly 800 new workers for plants in Poland and within the European Union. We have a tangible impact on the market, ensure continuity of processes and protection against staffing problems.

EWL – the reliable business partner

When choosing a temporary employment agency, one should focus on the advantages that the business relationship might bring in the long run. An employment agency may not only play the role of a service provider to maintain the ongoing nature of the manufacture process but also be a specialized consultant and a substantive partnership that helps the business grow in a faster and more effective way.

EWL Group is the leading agency on the labor market in Poland. The positive opinions of our employees, references of satisfied customers as well as the fact that surveys and reports of our specialists are quoted by key Polish media serve as a proof of the high standard of our services.

Experienced employment agency from Poland

EWL means long-term experience on the Polish market

Since 2007, we have been nullifying the staff shortage in various economic sectors. We search for and employ workers of production and logistics, technical personnel, or even medical staff and IT specialists as well as support them in their everyday duties. Thanks to the experience of our experts, specialist knowledge and fast implementation of new standards of services, we help our business customers and together we effectively carry out the most optimum employment policy.

EWL means international recruitment specialists

Since the very beginning of our operations, we have been focused on cross-border recruitment. International migration helps in providing human capital to rapidly growing economies. Such a possibility can improve the life quality of cross-border employees. Thanks to our support, over 13,000 temporary employees work every day at production plants and logistics centers.

We proactively search for workers from Eastern Europe. Since 2012, we have been using our own recruitment structure in Ukraine, with 2 offices and a network of nearly 200 associated recruiters. Every day, we improve our knowledge in legalization of residence and employment, seek new solutions and recruitment methods.

For over 6 years, due to the new challenges posed by the labor market for European economies, we have been conducting recruitment from over 5 different continents. We employ around 300 workers from East Asia, 150 from Central Asia while 100 people working for our customers are citizens of Latin America.

EWL means business with a human face

The individual is at all times the core aspect of actions undertaken by the specialists at EWL. We provide support at every stage of employment – from recruitment, through relocation and on-boarding, to legalization of employment and residence. We create a safe employment environment, caring for the highest standard of our services.

We believe that we can achieve more as a group. In 2015, we established the EWL Foundation for Support of Migrants on the Labor Market. Its main purpose is to promote awareness of rights and obligations arising from legal employment of foreigners – both among the employees and employers. The Foundation also carries out charity activities – supporting foreigners facing difficulties.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, we have been participating in assistance activities. In March, together with Fundacja Legii, we established an employment consultancy point for citizens of Ukraine. As part of the said activities, we support refugees in their search for work. We also offer the possibility of accommodation on preferential conditions and help in receiving education and learning Polish. Thanks to such actions, it is much easier for foreigners to adapt to the new country and new situation they are in.

Within the period from 24 February to 09 October 2022, almost 7 million refugees crossed the Polish-Ukrainian border. Most of them are women and children. Meanwhile, over 5 million citizens returned to Ukraine. Almost since the beginning of the Russian attack on Ukraine, EWL, in cooperation with the Uniters Foundation, has been carrying out an action called #PlecakNaUkrainę (To send a Rucksack to Ukraine) which is aimed at supporting the Ukrainian Army i.a., by supplying them with medical equipment, food rations and protective and thermal clothing.

EWL means substantive expertise

Thanks to specialized business lines, we provide the highest quality services in many industries, such as logistics, production of foodstuffs, automotive, agriculture or meat processing. Our know-how helps us efficiently handle large projects. Our specialists eagerly share their knowledge and support customers in making business decisions and estimating the staffing needs.

EWL means a strategic partner

EWL does not only provide the personnel required for the continuity of production but also constantly tries to minimize the turnover ratio and improve the quality of its services. On an ongoing basis, we analyze the sentiment among migrants and react in advance to the upcoming changes. Thanks to long-term experience on the Polish labor market, we know how important it is to have regulations which keep up with the needs of the business sector.

The experts at EWL continuously monitor draft laws and amendments introduced by the government. We promote the need for facilitation of procedures and more liberal regulations. We often present our opinions in highly popular nation-wide Polish media. What is more, as part of operations of the EWL Foundation, we focus on the development of an active communication and preparation of best cooperation methods between employees, governmental institutions and the migrants.

We want to carry over this very strategy to European markets, supporting the process of transformations and opening the European economic for the potential behind cross-border migration.

As part of our services, you can rely on:

  • Business consultancy – we actively support our customers in shaping their HR policy. We collect and analyze signals coming from the market in order to develop the best solutions in advance.
  • Comprehensive solutions – the main objective of our operations is to minimize the formalities on the customer’s side. We handle the whole process of recruitment and selection of candidates, relocation and accommodation, legalization of residence and stay, as well as work time settlements pursuant to the applicable regulations of law.
  • Specialist know-how and legal support – we are experts in the field of employment. Our team continuously analyzes the legal status and employment possibilities for temporary employees in accordance with the applicable rules. We also proactively promote the need for changes in regulations, simplification of procedures and liberalization of the migration policy.
  • Flexible and effective processes – we adjust the employment structure to the current needs of the company. Thanks to a broad network of customers, we can flexibly manage human resources, without exposing the temporary employees to stress connected with loss of employment.
Renata Ostrowska - agencja EWL - wynajem pracowników
Renata Ostrowska