Published: 21.11.2022
Author:Szymon Bryzek
Szymon Bryzek
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EWL Report: Workers from Asia – solution for the labour shortage in Romania

EWL Migration Platform 
in collaboration with the Centre for East European Studies at the University of Warsaw
presents the special report of the sociological study 

“Workers from Asia – solution for the labour shortage in Romania”

You are invited on the 23rd of November, 10:00 o’clock, at Grand Hotel Continental (Calea Victoriei), Tonitza room, to the exclusive presentation of the special report of the sociological study “Workers from Asia – solution for the labour shortage in Romania“. The report presented at the event was compiled following the analysis of the results of the sociological survey carried out between 12th and 23rd of September 2022, mainly in and around Bucharest, as well as in Craiova and Cluj-Napoca.  

Romania has become a very attractive country for Asian workers, most of them want to stay for a year or two or even more than two years to earn money, but some of them want to settle permanently, and one in three has someone in the family that wants to come to the country. These are only some of the results in the survey that will be discussed at the event by Michalina Sielewicz, International Business Development Director of EWL Migration Platform and Tiberiu Focica, General Manager of EWL Romania. 

Founded in 2007, the EWL Migration Platform successfully connects jobseekers from four continents with employers in the EU. As a migration platform, whose activities go far beyond the scope of traditional employment agencies and combine the offline and online worlds, the company is the leader on the European market of employment of foreigners. 

Since 2018 EWL has been conducting sociological studies among foreigners who have taken employment in the UE. The previous survey “Refugees from Ukraine in Romania” was presented in Bucharest in June 2022 and met with great interest from the media and NGOs. This study was also presented at the University of Bucharest. 

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