Preventing food production downtime



A large international production company operating in the FMCG sector, producing popular snacks. The client’s enterprise employs over 500 people in Poland alone.


Production workers needed immediately

Our client was facing seasonal employment instability. New production workers were needed at short notice.

The cooperation with the previous employment agency did not bring satisfactory results. During the high season the agency was not able to recruit enough people from the local market. At the same time, the agency’s lack of experience in recruiting foreigners was a problem.

Our client turned to us for help in recruiting production workers when the first effects of staff shortages were already visible. And since a depleted production team in such a company means serious downtime or even a reduction in production, speed of action was of essence. The company presented our team with specific expectations regarding the candidates – they had to be physically fit in order to work efficiently.

Our client wanted to hire over 40 production workers in the shortest possible time. As we had already dealt with similar projects, we decided to carry out the project with particular emphasis on the time of execution.

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Organizing people, accommodation and transport

After preliminary discussions with the representatives of various departments, we presented the proposed plan of action, our recruitment capabilities and the expected time of order execution during a visit to the client’s facility.

The exact requirements for the employees to be hired with a description of the offer and the specifics of the business were a very valuable input from the client. Open communication and our good understanding of the client’s situation paved the way to establishing cooperation. Thanks to that, subsequent meetings were of strictly operational nature.

In estimating the period for execution of the project we also had to take into account the time needed to properly prepare employees for their tasks. It was important that all employees received training at the plant and were comprehensively prepared to perform their work. Occupational health and sanitary-epidemiological examinations were also needed.

A certain novelty in the implementation of this project was the employment of temporary workers on the basis of an employment contract. This was a mandatory item on the client’s list of requirements, and at the time most candidates were skeptical about this form of employment. The key to success was the right presentation of information and benefits concerning this form of cooperation to the employees.

Apart from the recruitment itself, our team also took care of the accommodation for the employees in the vicinity of the workplace. Thanks to cooperation with local partners, for this project we adapted a facility, which was previously used for completely different purposes. We also solved the issue of transport to and from work by organizing a fleet of vehicles and drivers on site.


Quick execution = continuity of production

The EWL temporary employment agency met all the expectations of the client. Clearly presented requirements for candidates and conditions of employment allowed our recruiters to implement the project very quickly, and thus guaranteed the continuity of production at the client’s plant.

  • We provided the client with over 40 employees in less than 15 days.

In order to ensure the smooth running of the project, we have introduced periodic meetings with client representatives and weekly on-call meetings for employees.

It should also be mentioned that many of the employees recruited by EWL are still working with the client (already on permanent employment contracts) and the EWL Group is currently the main partner of the company in terms of recruitment of temporary workers.


What should I do if my employment agency does not deliver?

Choosing EWL for this project was well thought out. After previous negative experiences, the client was looking for an agency that would provide the highest possible level of service and deliver on its promises.

As a partner of many reputable companies, we make sure that our clients receive a comprehensive employment agency service which includes:

  • Quick recruitment of employees for production
  • Provision of necessary training and periodical medical examinations
  • Organization of transport and accommodation for personnel
  • Constant contact between the coordinator and the client

The solutions proposed and implemented in this project can also be used in other companies involved in food production. Especially where the seasonality of production affects the way of working and the efficiency of production lines depends on the number of employed personnel.

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