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Zatrudnienie Ukraińców - leasing pracowników z EWL Group

The rapid development of the Polish economy in recent years has led to an increased demand for foreign employees. Poland ranks among the top countries in the OECD in accepting foreign temporary workers. When filling vacancies, companies eagerly seek workers from Ukraine and Asia, appreciating their motivation and commitment.

Employment of workers from the East – our offer

The EWL Group, as a leading employment agency, has been supporting companies in recruitment and employment of foreign employees for over 14 years. Our offer includes:

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Employing workers from Ukraine – where to find staff?

Workers from Ukraine are the most numerous group of foreigners temporarily working in Poland. It is undoubtedly influenced by the simplified procedure of access to the labour market for citizens of Ukraine (as well as Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Russia), which has been in force since 2008. Thanks this procedure employing personnel from Ukraine is simple and relatively fast.

Another element influencing the high interest in recruitment and employment of workers from Ukraine is the linguistic and cultural proximity, which significantly facilitates the introduction of new employees to their duties and integration with the team. The easiest way to find workers from the East is to apply to a specialized employment agency that knows how to hire workers from Ukraine or Asia.

Asian workers – the solution to labour shortages

It is estimated that 60% of the world’s workforce comes from Asia and the Pacific. Modern technologies and the development of transport, which has contributed to shortening distances, result in the workers from this part of the world being more and more often employed in European countries, including Poland. Employers, encouraged by the possibility of long-term employment of workers from Asia, outsource the recruitment of foreigners to specialized employment agencies.

Hiring a Ukrainian worker – what you should remember

When deciding to hire workers from Ukraine, it is important to remember about several important issues that will make the process of recruitment and employment of workers from the East go smoothly.

  1. The invitation for an employee from Ukraine, , i.e. the declaration on entrusting work, should contain reliable information that will be reflected in the employment contract. The document should indicate, among other things, the exact position of work, the place of its performance, the scope of employment and the rate of remuneration. It is worth remembering that changes in the conditions of employment require a new declaration to be submitted to the relevant labour office.
  2. A work visa for a candidate from Ukraine – an employee from Ukraine may stay in Poland on the basis of a valid visa, residence card or within the visa-free regime up to the maximum of 3 months. Please note that not every type of visa allows the foreigner to take up employment
  3. Accommodation for the Ukrainian employee – especially at the initial stage of employment it is very important to take care of the housing needs of the employed candidates. It is worth planning the onboarding process of foreigners in advance, including such activities as: showing the way from home to work or providing information on the possibility of using public health care

By deciding to cooperate with us you will gain a proven and safe business partner who will take care of the recruitment and employment process. The EWL Agency, thanks to many years of experience, expert industry know-how and an extensive network of business partners, efficiently acquires candidates from Asia, takes care of the legalization of their residence and work in Poland and provides support at every stage of employment.

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