Published: 14.05.2021
Author:Anatoliy Zymnin
Anatoliy Zymnin
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‘Costly staff turnover’. EWL study quoted by Puls Biznesu

Optymalizacja procesów produkcyjnych

‘Companies are planning to hire foreigners anew. This requires for them to be trained in occupational health and safety’, claims the Puls Biznesu daily.

‘The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a more frequent staff turnover in companies employing foreigners than before the epidemic. After the outbreak, four out of 10 foreigners had to change their place of work, 30 percent had to change their place of residence, and one-third had to change their industry. These are the results of the study “A foreign employee in Poland in the pandemic” conducted by EWL and the Centre for East European Studies at the University of Warsaw’, the article says.

According to Magdalena Włastowska, business development director at W&W Consulting, quoted by the newspaper, having adjusted to the prevailing market situation and guided by the current demand for services and products, entrepreneurs have started to plan employment anew, which entails additional costs though.

As Włastowska explains, companies need to implement and build a health and safety culture from the ground up, especially if workers come from a country with different conditions or standards. She reminds of the obligation of providing new employees with occupational health and safety training.

Source: Puls Biznesu


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