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IT employees – recruitment

From the very beginning of our cooperation, we offer you our assistance in a detailed analysis of needs and defining the most optimal strategy, which will take into account both the benefits (measured by clear KPIs) and the possible difficulties connected with acquiring the necessary IT staff.

  • Sourcing
  • Recruitment
  • Relocation
  • Legalization

Each of these tools is available to you as a stand-alone service, but can also be part of a bundled business solution.

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IT recruitment needs and opportunities in Poland

Due to its nature, the IT sector stands out from other sectors on the labour market. These differences are clearly visible also in terms of employment of IT specialists, whose acquisition often exceeds the standard activities of the HR department and the related costs.

Numerous studies and analyses over the past several months clearly show that the pool of candidates on the domestic labour market no longer meets the demand of Polish companies for programmers, webmasters or network administrators.

For companies seeking specialists in the area of modern technology we have prepared solutions that go beyond the standard approach of IT recruitment agencies in Poland.

How can we support your company?

At the EWL Group we monitor with great precision the rapidly changing market of new technologies not only in Poland but also in Eastern Europe, where there is a large number of candidates for IT jobs.

The list of regions where we recruit IT candidates includes countries such as:

Programiści z Ukrainy - Rekrutacje IT EWL Ukraine, Programiści z Białorusi - Rekrutacje IT EWL Belarus, Programiści z Litwy - Rekrutacje IT EWL Lithuania, Programiści z Łotwy - Rekrutacje IT EWL Latvia, Programiści z Gruzji - Rekrutacje IT EWL Georgia, Programiści z Armenii - Rekrutacje IT EWL Armenia and  Programiści z Azerbejdżanu - Rekrutacje IT EWL Azerbaijan.

Sourcing of IT candidates

Sourcing of IT candidates

We offer to prepare a list of suitable candidates and forward it to your recruiting department for further processing.

Recruitment of IT specialists

Recruitment of IT specialists

We offer a comprehensive service of finding and employing the best IT professionals, tailored to the needs of your company.

Relocation of IT employees

Relocation of IT employees

We support the process of relocation of IT employees to the designated location, offering also a package of practical services for a comfortable start in the new place.

Legalization of employment

Legalization of employment

We take care of all the necessary formalities related to legal employment of IT specialists from Eastern Europe.

Explore all the opportunities and benefits

We assist in the recruitment of both individual candidates and entire IT teams consisting of employees with different specializations.

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What makes EWL stand out?

Agencja pracy EWL - partner w rekrutacji

As a recruitment partner we carefully diagnose our client’s needs in the context of the organization culture, values and business strategy. We know that the requirements for IT employees vary depending on the form of activity or development goals of your company. Therefore, such analysis allows us to find the right candidates for large corporations, start-ups and one-off technology projects.

We know the specifics of the labour markets in different countries

Znajomość rynku pracy w IT w Europie Wschodniej

Our knowledge of the local labour markets lets us verify the client’s offer against the expectations of the candidates from particular regions.

We adapt the language and form of communication to the candidate

Właściwa komunikacja z kandydatami do pracy w IT

We communicate with the candidates in the language they expect and through the channels they actually use every day.

We know where and how to find the right employee

Dopasowanie kandydatów do pracy w IT

Knowing the business context, we carefully select a pool of candidates from sources that guarantee genuine interest in a given project or company.

We care about the best interests of both parties

Optymalizacja procesów rekrutacji do IT

We make sure that the recruitment process is as short as possible from the candidate’s point of view, with simultaneous emphasis on verification of all the necessary requirements on the part of the client.

Pick our team of professionals

Many years of experience are a guarantee of effective recruitment of IT specialists for your company.

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EWL experience

EWL has been providing job placement services since 2007, providing valuable and motivated temporary workers in the manufacturing, logistics and service sectors.

Our team of consultants are specialists in recruiting both candidates from Poland and employees from Ukraine, and an extensive network of business partners in Asia makes it possible to recruit candidates also from countries such as India, Nepal and Thailand.

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