EWL report: “Unlocking the Potential: Ukrainian Citizens in Germany and the Netherlands”

The report presents findings from a sociological survey titled ‘Unlocking the Potential: Ukrainian Citizens in Germany and the Netherlands’. The survey was conducted by the EWL Group in collaboration with the Foundation for the Support of Migrants on the Labour Market ‘EWL’ and the Centre for East European Studies at the University of Warsaw.

Millions of Ukrainian refugees have fled the war following Russia’s February 2022 invasion. The European Union has granted temporary protection status to those fleeing the conflict, with over 4 million refugees currently residing within its borders. Germany and the Netherlands stand out as two of the EU’s member states that have taken in over a third of all refugees. Since August 2022, the number of Ukrainian refugees in Germany has steadily risen, reaching a peak of over 1.26 million in March 2024. The Netherlands has also seen an increase in refugees, though at a slower pace, with nearly 120,000 Ukrainians registered there in March 2024.

Our survey, conducted between March 18 and 30, 2024, captures the voices of 800 adult Ukrainian citizens currently residing in Germany and the Netherland, exploring their experiences as labor migrants and war refugees. Key themes to be explored: 

  • Factors influencing Ukrainian citizens’ choice of Germany as a destination amidst conflict 
  • Employment status and opportunities for Ukrainian citizens in Germany 
  • Access to financial support and social assistance for Ukrainian citizens 
  • Recommendations and sentiments regarding working and living in Germany 
  • Average monthly earnings and plans for long-term residency 
  • Interest in upskilling and professional development opportunities 

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