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Benefits of recruitment through employment agencies


A company operating on the Polish market in the electronics industry. The client employs over 300 people and at the location we cooperate with we supply employees to manufacture water meters.


Recruitment of 130 people for assembly work

The client approached us with the need to recruit 130 employees in one month, stressing that these needs were dynamic and could change depending on the availability of components.

Such a high demand could not be met in so short a time by the local market, so the client decided to use our assistance in recruitment. The candidates did not need to have high skills or special competencies, as they were needed for assembly work in production.


Comprehensive offer of the temporary employment agency

Thanks to the appropriate use of our strengths such as: a large network of recruiters, a comprehensive approach to execution through full recruitment, legalization and organization of accommodation, we were able to fulfil the entrusted task.

In addition to providing the client with candidates for work, it was equally important to provide the client with high quality services and contact. Therefore, in addition to constant contact with the project coordinator, EWL appointed a leader who is the first line of contact for temporary workers of our agency.


Staffing, processing of orders and business development

By cooperating with EWL, the client was able to fulfil the orders, which allowed to develop their business and avoid any downtime while waiting for and processing new orders. Our company recruited 130 foreigners in one month who passed the necessary medical examination for the position in production and started working for our client. The company ensured appropriate working conditions, which translated into low turnover during the adaptation period and afterwards.

Another valuable result is the continuous cooperation and business development on both sides. The appointment of a leader on the project allowed the client to feel the support and commitment of our agency.


An employment agency helps business

As a result of working with the EWL employment agency, the client eliminated staff shortages, which allowed them to focus on processing of orders and streamlining the employee development path.

In order to achieve the goal, we applied a flexible cooperation model whose essential elements were:

  • Recruitment of foreigners willing to work in the electronics industry,
  • Appointment of a project leader whose main task was to support the client and assist in onboarding of employees.

The actions we have implemented in the case of this company will work equally well in other companies, from any industry, which employ foreigners in large numbers. Working with EWL can be valuable for organizations that want to simplify this process as much as possible.

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