Published: 04.02.2022
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Poland. Business Harbour — more IT specialists in Poland

Rekrutacja pracowników IT ze Wschodu

The number of job offers in the IT sector is continually on the rise. According to, there are over 50,000 vacancies in our country waiting for specialists in this sector. For this reason, many companies are opening up to employees from Eastern Europe. On the other hand, Poland is becoming more and more attractive to foreigners. Due to staff shortages, engineers, programmers and developers can count on high salaries and attractive employment conditions in Polish companies. What are the rules of the programme and who can benefit from it? We will explain it in this article.

Poland. Business Harbour — the programme and its objectives

Poland. Business Harbour is an international programme, thanks to which IT specialists from Eastern Europe have a chance of professional development in our country. Thanks to the simplified visa procedure and support in relocation, PBH enjoys great popularity. What is important, the programme connects employees with entrepreneurs who are looking for specialists in this sector. This means that both parties benefit, and Poland. Business Harbour supports the development of the Polish economy.

Poland. Business Harbour safeguards the interests of both parties. The beneficiaries of the programme take advantage of the support in relocating and finding employment, while the owners of companies gain qualified specialists from the IT sector. Therefore, we have a win-win situation, which positively influences the development of the technology sector in our country.

IT recruitment is one of the specialisations of the EWL Group. We are perfectly aware of the fact that the domestic market does not satisfy the personnel needs of this sector. That is why we support Polish entrepreneurs at every stage, from recruitment to issues related to relocation and employment legalisation.

Poland. Business Harbour — who is it for

This programme is aimed at foreigners from Eastern Europe. Its participants can be companies and individuals related to the IT industry who want to start work or conduct business activity in Poland. Thus, the following entities can become the beneficiaries of the Poland. Business Harbour programme:

• IT specialists (individuals),
• start-ups,
• small, medium and large enterprises.

Poland. Business Harbour — countries

Initially, the offer of Poland. Business Harbour was addressed exclusively to IT specialists from Belarus. Since 13 July 2021, the beneficiaries of the programme may also include citizens of:

• Moldova,
• Azerbaijan,
• Russia,
• Ukraine,
• Georgia,
• Armenia.

Benefits for the employees

Poland. Business Harbour is a comprehensive programme that guarantees IT specialists a trouble-free relocation and a simplified procedure for legalisation of employment. What is more, over 200 companies are currently PBH partners, which is a guarantee that IT specialists who plan to settle in Poland will quickly find employment.

Poland. Business Harbour — visa vs. work permit

The website states that an individual who wishes to obtain a visa must submit the following documents:

• Application for a national visa — filled in and signed,
• Current biometric photo,
• Passport — issued within the last 10 years, valid for at least three months from the date of intended return, with a minimum of two blank pages for the visa,
• Medical insurance for the period of validity of the visa (minimum amount of insurance: 30,000 euros),
• Documentation proving the purpose of the journey.

Wizę, w ramach programu, może otrzymać osoba rekomendowana przez przyszłego pracodawcę, czyli partnera Within the programme, a visa can be obtained by a person recommended by the future employer, i.e. a partner of the Poland. Business Harbour programme. In this case, a work permit is no longer required. As part of PBH, a special type of document is issued (a Poland. Business Harbour visa), which allows the foreigner to work without a work permit and bring their family to Poland. As an employment agency, we help foreigners, among others, in such relocation by assisting in the completion of necessary formalities, the search for a place to live and all registration duties.

Benefits for Polish entrepreneurs

Thanks to the extension of the Poland Business Harbour programme to new beneficiaries, our country is now chosen by almost every second IT specialist from Eastern Europe. The simplified visa procedure and lucrative job offers encourage foreigners to work in our country. This is a great opportunity for Polish entrepreneurs in the new technology sector. Access to highly qualified specialists means a dynamic development of the high-tech industry in Poland.

Poland. Business Harbour — summary

The government’s Poland. Business Harbour programme is an answer to the growing needs in the IT sector. It is also an opportunity for professional development and realization of own ideas for engineers, developers and programmers from Eastern Europe who see their future in our country.

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