The role of onboarding and legalization advice in reducing turnover



A widely recognised brand on the Polish market operating in the logistics and food sectors. The company employs over 4,800 people in 16 distribution centres from which products are delivered to over 3,000 shops all over Poland.


Recruitment of employees for both, the shops and logistics centres

The client approached us with a need for employees ready to work both in the shops, where the main activity would be restocking goods, and in distribution centres, where the main task of employees is picking goods and preparing them for transport.

The local market was unable to meet the client’s staffing needs, so they decided to use our assistance in recruitment.

The candidates did not have to have high skills or special competencies, but it was important to avoid turnover and the client wanted the employees to stay for the long term.


Assistance in extending stay in Poland and quality onboarding

We started our cooperation with the client in 2017 and it has continued until today. We started with single orders and now we regularly supply the client with employees according to the needs. Several years of experience in cooperation with the client and constant contact have translated into meeting those needs even more effectively.

In addition to providing the client with candidates to work in shops and distribution centres, it was important to reduce the rate of staff turnover.

Understanding how important effective onboarding is in avoiding turnover, we decided to place a foreman on the project who trains the employees on site. In addition, our agency provided the workers with comprehensive and free support in obtaining a residence permit.


Staff replenishment and turnover reduction

By cooperating with EWL, the client increased the number of employees in locations where there were staff shortages. Our company recruited 20 foreigners for work and the client regularly comes to us with further orders.

The appointment of a foreman, who facilitates the onboarding of new employees and supports them in obtaining a residence permit free of charge, has translated into a reduction in turnover on the project, which was one of the most important issues for the client.

An equally valuable result is the continued cooperation and business development on both sides. The client has 16 distribution centres, and we supply employees to 11 of them. By cooperating with us, the client has gained the certainty that they will not have to worry about the lack of workforce when opening another distribution centre in Poland.


An employment agency helps to develop business

As a result of working with the EWL employment agency, not only did the client eliminate staff shortages, but also significantly reduced the turnover of temporary staff. This allowed them to focus on developing the business and streamlining the employee development path.

In order to achieve the goal, we applied a cooperation model whose essential elements were:

  • Recruitment of foreigners willing to work in the logistics and food industry,
  • Appointment of a foreman on the project whose main task was effective onboarding of employees,
  • Free assistance to employees in obtaining a residence card to extend their stay and work in Poland.

The activities we have implemented in the case of this company will work equally well in other companies, from any industry, which employ foreigners in large numbers. Working with EWL can be valuable for organizations that want to simplify this process as much as possible.

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