Recruitment of unskilled workers


Temporarily or permanently

 One should consider entrusting recruitment of temporary and unqualified workers, their employment and further HR and payroll management to a well-proven and experienced business partner. Our business structures allow for fast and effective recruitment of even large volumes of temporary workers based on our long-term experience and requirements imposed by specific industries. 


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Who are we recruiting?

You are probably wondering what unqualified work stands for. This term refers to works that do not require specific educational background and can be carried out by most people. Obligations connected with unqualified work can involve limited liability and the candidates are able to learn the required skills through on-the-job training. 

Unqualified work can be found in professions connected with operation of simple machines or performing repetitive tasks.  

Some examples of unqualified positions that EWL Group can help you find workers for: 

  • Workers of food production lines, catering assistants and fast-food workers.
  • Daily help at hotels or residences.
  • Custodians or housemaids.
  • Seasonal workers.
  • Warehouse workers.
  • Production line operators
  • Operators of semi-automatic sewing machines.
  • Product sorting workers
  • Logistics workers 

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