Published: 17.05.2021
Author:Anatoliy Zymnin
Anatoliy Zymnin
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‘Employers want to vaccinate foreign employees’. EWL commentary for Rzeczpospolita

With the increased influx of employees from Ukraine, employers are asking about the possibility of vaccinating them. And they do not get a clear answer.

‘We have already decided to organise vaccinations for our employees. We are now at the stage of talks with our clients on how to carry it out as effectively as possible, but we receive contradictory information on the principles of vaccinating foreigners. We do not know where we stand’

– claims Michał Wierzchowski, director at the EWL Group employment agency, which specialises in recruiting workers from the East, mainly from Ukraine.

As he points out, the chances that those employees will come to Poland vaccinated are small since so far only 700 people in Ukraine have received the second dose. (…)

‘Vaccinating one million foreign employees will allow us to achieve population immunity faster’

– Wierzchowski points out.

Source: Rzeczpospolita

Economic migrants are ready to be vaccinated in Poland, according to the latest study by the EWL Group made available to Rzeczpospolita. According to the study, 36 percent of foreign employees in Poland (mainly from Ukraine) declare their willingness to be vaccinated in our country, while one third is undecided.

According to Michał Wierzchowski, the number of migrants willing to be vaccinated will grow. (…)

Uncertain vaccinations of Ukrainians in Poland. Companies are counting on government programme #COVID19 #koronawirus #SARS_CoV_2

— Rzeczpospolita (@rzeczpospolita) May 12, 2021

Anatoliy Zymnin