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EWL – Efficiency, Experience, Flexibility


At EWL we know that, people are the most important value. The motivation, qualifications and experience of our employees have a direct impact on the quality and pace of business development.

That is why every day we focus on developing our recruitment network, attracting specialists from various industries and searching for the most motivated candidates.

Every day we analyze the changing needs of the market, adjusting our service to the expectations of our clients. We follow legislative changes on an ongoing basis to ensure stability and security for our employees and our partners.

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The benefits of cooperation

  • Experience – since 2007 we have been providing comprehensive job placement services, specializing in recruitment and employment of foreigners
  • Efficiency – every day over 4000 people work through us, we react quickly and effectively to changing market trends, thanks to which we guarantee a stable service in periods of the greatest demand
  • Comprehensiveness – we guarantee full management of employment, starting from a professional analysis of the client’s needs, through the recruitment and selection process, to legalization of residence and work and organization of transport and accommodation
  • Flexibility – we adjust our service flexibly to the client’s current needs
  • Quality and specialization – as part of specialized business lines, we support clients
    from various industries, ensuring the highest quality of services provided
  • Expert support – we are at our clients’ disposal, we share our knowledge and answer all questions
  • Access to an extensive database of candidates – we have more than 50,000 employees in our database, so we can recruit even several hundred teams in a short time
  • A responsible partner – we have a perfect knowledge of the labour law and the process of legalization of employment of foreigners – we are a reliable partner and we guarantee the legality of all actions taken

By choosing EWL you will choose a proven and reliable partner for whom the development of your business is a priority.

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