Legalization of employment of foreigners


Effective support

The management of legalization of employment is an effective and comprehensive solution for companies employing foreigners on their own.

The Polish law obliges foreigners to obtain appropriate rights of residence in the territory of Poland and work permits in order to take up legal employment. The process of legalization of employment requires the employer to complete a number of formalities, complete documents and submit them to the relevant offices. We know how complex and time-consuming this procedure is, therefore we support entrepreneurs in this process.


What do we provide?

  • Verification of documents, indication of employment opportunities and obtaining required permits and declarations
  • An analysis of the situation and assistance in choosing the right legislative path
  • Support in the implementation of the legalization process

We will help you choose the right form of employment for your employees and arrange the necessary documents, such as:

  • The declaration of entrusting work to a foreigner
  • Information of the starost about the inability to meet the staffing needs
  • A temporary and permanent residence permit
  • A residence card
  • A Type A work permit

A comprehensive offer

As part of our cooperation, not only do we offer the standard services of legalization, i.e. the completion of formalities related to the employment, but also comprehensive coordination services, including:

  • An audit of employment opportunities
  • Legalization consultations with the Client and the Employee, together with support at every stage of legalization of employment
  • Monitoring of permit expiry dates
  • Indications for continuation of employment

In addition to support in the legislative process, we also conduct training on legalization of employment of foreigners.


Why choose us?

  • 13 years of experience on the labour market in Poland
  • A dedicated team of EWL employees – 80 people
  • 14 780 individual clients
  • More than 9000 permits
  • Over 2500 residence cards
  • Over 19,000 declarations per year

Additional benefits

  • Thanks to the automated registration of declarations, we efficiently and quickly handle all the formalities required for foreign employees to take up work
  • We carry out the process of legalization of employment for citizens of: Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Russia, Moldova, Bangladesh, Nepal, India, the Philippines and many others
  • We represent the interests of the employer – we adjust the type of documentation obtained by your employees so that they can take up employment for as long as possible

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