Recruiting seasonal workers for the fish and seafood processing industry



A leader in the fish processing industry, operating in this business sector for over 30 years. The company produces smoked fish and processes seafood. The company employs over 200 people.


Permanent and seasonal workers needed!

Our client’s core business is the fish and seafood processing industry. One of the challenges of working in this sector is seasonality, with the high season occurring in the last quarter of the year.

The company was looking for a solution to reduce problematic staff turnover among seasonal workers supplied by other temporary employment agencies. In addition, it wanted to secure production after the new year, primarily with permanent employees.

Our client requested to recruit 20 production workers in one month for fish filleting and packaging work. The candidates did not have to have high skills or special competences. The most important requirements were willingness to work and manual dexterity.

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Flexible cooperation and comprehensive support

We started our cooperation with the client by carefully examining and analyzing the current situation, needs and plans for the new year and then suggested an optimal solution.

From that moment on, our main goal was both to secure the company’s needs during the end-of-year period of increased production by hiring seasonal workers and to help reduce turnover by acquiring employees who would stay with the company longer. In addition to fulfilling the order, we also gave the client the flexibility that comes with hiring temporary workers. It was equally important for us to provide the client with high-quality service and contact, so in addition to regular communication with a dedicated project coordinator, EWL appointed a leader who was the first line of contact for temporary workers from our agency.

Although the company has cooperated with several temporary work agencies, thanks to our commitment and high-quality service EWL has become the main partner in terms of acquiring workers from abroad (EWL provides 90% of workers from outside of Poland).


Lower turnover means more peace of mind

EWL undertook the task of hiring 20 employees in a short time. The expected number of employees was recruited and introduced to the plant within the timeframe agreed upon with the client. The employees we provided became long-term employees of the client, which significantly contributed to reducing employee turnover and allowed the client to secure production for the beginning of the next year.

In addition, our agency provided comprehensive support with the issues related to legalization of employment and obtaining a residence permit.


From an additional option to the main supplier

As a result of cooperation with the EWL employment agency, the client did not only reduce turnover and gain employees who were able to secure production in the period of increased demand, but thanks to our assistance also gained the possibility of adjusting the number of employed people to current needs.

The solutions proposed and implemented by EWL brought about the results expected by the client. In order to achieve the goal, we used a flexible model of cooperation, whose key elements were:

  • employment of temporary workers,
  • appointment of a local coordinator on the project,
  • appointment of a staff leader.

Measures that we have implemented in this company will work equally well in other manufacturing companies, which are characterized by the seasonality of production and have a need to employ temporary workers. Cooperation with EWL can also be valuable for organizations wishing to reduce the rate of employee turnover.

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