A report of EWL “An employee from Ukraine: between Poland and Germany” [PDF]

Forty-five percent of Ukrainians working in Poland are considering the possibility of taking a job in another EU country, most often in Germany, according to a survey by the EWL recruitment firm. Despite Poland being one of the most popular labour destinations for Ukrainians, one in eight respondents plans to leave Poland and seek a job in another EU country this year, the EWL wrote in a commentary. 

“Every fifth Ukrainian citizen working in Poland intends to take such a step in 2020, while some 13.5 percent of the respondents, who want to work in a country other than Poland and Ukraine, are planning to make this move within the next two or three years. Only one in four Ukrainians is planning to continue working in our country (Poland – PAP),” said EWL.

The research also showed that every third Ukrainian planned to change jobs and move to Germany, seven percent more than in the previous year. “The growth of Germany’s popularity is undoubtedly connected with the upcoming liberalisation of German migration law.” the report said.
The Czech Republic placed second on the list of countries that are most attractive in terms of employment, according to 13 percent of those polled, said the survey.

The research also pointed out that 7.6 percent of Ukrainians who work in Poland and plan to seek jobs in Germany, comply with criteria of the German market. This amounts to 2.6 percent out of the total number of the Ukrainian workers in Poland, the research said.

The survey was conducted on April 17 – May 31 on 855 Ukrainians who came to Poland to find work.


Download the report [PDF]

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